Slum Upgrading in Pet Klong Chan, Bangkok

Jumat, 12 Agustus 2011
Society is a group of people closely related to each other and configurate to be a social system, they do the activity on a piece of land on earth. This form of community social system characteristics to be different, these differences have an impact on the emergence of social inequality. Some of the factors that cause disparities in the socio economic level, education, and social background. Social inequalities have an impact on a lot of negative things in life of society, especially the phenomenon of the emergence of slums.
Like the proverb which says "there is no sugar ants" that are used to describe the behavior of the population. They will approach a new source of livelihood is more promising, but the number of population and land availability are not balanced so the impact on the majority of low-income people prefer to live slum or slum areas.
"Planning has a definition as an ongoing process that involves decision making and selection of alternatives and how to use the natural resources and also human resources to achieve certain goals in the future" (Conyers, Diana and Peter Hall, 1984). The purpose of this planning process is to resolve the problem so it will be create a better life, eliminating the complexity of the problem, as well as to reduce the uncertainty that might occur. The planning process has stages of development are interrelated and systematic, for each region have their own systems. With the plan aims to overcome their problems of the slums by application some concepts of slum upgrading approach.

Description of The Problem
Thailand is a developing country in Asia, has a capital of Bangkok which is also the largest city in Thailand. Similar with Jakarta, Bangkok also to be destination of the newcomers to speculate because Bangkok offering employment opportunities are wide open and a pretty good economic potential. But the development  only concentrated in Bangkok, it give an impact on the uneven growth. The number of immigrants who migrated to the city is inversely proportional to the availability of land that is always static so it guve impact on the emergence of slums. One of the slums area who becam the concern of this study is Pet Studio Klong Chan.
Pet Klong Chan is located in the east of Thailand, this area relatively close to the location of the NHA (the National Housing Authority), NHA is an organisation that handles housing in Thailand. Pet Klong Chan is one of the slum locations in Bangkok, it has been exsist since 50 years ago, stands on an area of ​​3200 km2 and in 2010 recorded a population of 214 inhabitants. In addition, some houses stand on the canal called Wat Pi Chai, Wat Pi Chai is a branch of the San Seab Canal. Actually the location is banned for the settlement because the location has function as a public space in the form of the conservation area.
Pet Klong Chan is the land owned by the BMA (Bangkok Metropolitan Authority), it is also the reason for local government of Bangkok wants to move residents in Pet Klong Chan to a new location called Min Buri. Unfortunetly the residents refused because some of reasons such as the new location is too far from they workfield and also the new area has high crime rate. Another reasons that sparked the local government of Bangkok want to move them is because of Pet Klong Chan location is near to the condominium so that the government does not want the settlement give affects to the price of condominiums.

Upgrading Process
Pet Klong Chan has experienced to increase or upgrading their settlement in 1987, they get help from CODI to repair their homes and to develop the infrastructure in they area to suport they living quality. In addition, the majority of citizens there who work as street vendors getting help from the NHA as the facilitator of government to improve the quality of the road about 14 years ago and the projects that are still running is about home improvement.

Table I.1
Process of Developing Planning
Some of comunity cooperate with the comitee in Pet Klong Chan to make programme to improve the quality of living by sosialisation
CODI offering 3 project, such as :  
a. Moving the settlement far from canal; 
b. Reblocking ( 35 m2 per houses); 
c. Build temporary house.
The projects is handle, here are three organisation involved they are comitee, CODI and Lad Kra Bang University as the originator design of the houses.
CODI build infrastructure of settlement and NHA improve the footpath
NGO start to join and the society of Pet Klong Chan getting training by Andama rIght NGO.
Local Goverment and NGO as a fasilitator transform the landsue from public to be comunal or commons land, the project called  Ban Mangkong.
next project
the project on Desember is about solving the land ownership, beside that they also improve the quality of houses to be livable. The organization which is involved in this project are the society of Pet Klong Chan cooperate with CODI as a institution who cares about the society from low-income.
Source          : Interview Result of Group  1, 2010

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